WHU vs the Whale Shark

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: On Friday the WHU Guild met for the level 65 (well, level 1-65) hunter event. The WHU DoT worked tirelessly to summon and mass summon everyone to an island in Vashj’ir and then hand out waterbreathing potions. From there we headed out to sea in search of the legendary Whale Shark!

My strategy for the Whale Shark was pretty simple: everyone was instructed to stay behind their own pet in threat. Then, if their pet died, they were supposed to FD (well, those high enough level to have FD) and resurrect their pets. The theory here was that we had so many hunters that we could supply an endless stream of pets for the Whale Shark to munch on — leaving our hunters untouched throughout the fight.

The strategy more or less worked. We had casualties of course — but we had far fewer deaths than most of our events, with a very high percentage of dwarven hunters dpsing the entire time. And it’s a good thing too — that Whale Shark had like 9 million health. It took a while to get him down, but get him down we did. The WHU remains undefeated! … Read Full Article.

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