Cataclysm Gear Guide

Zanbon at Aspect of the Murloc: Items are listed in descending order more or less by quality and/or by item level. Depending on your stat priorities, an item higher on the list than another may or may not be “better” for you. When gearing, look for pieces that fill deficiencies with your current stat priority. Assess your gear as an entire set, not piece by piece!

This is not a Best in Slot guide, nor is it intended to function as one.
This is a list of Cataclysm hunter gear, ilvl 272+ and where to get it.

This list intentionally does not include PvP items as it is intended to focus on PvE-oriented gear. Some PvP items may be viable in PvE, but the viability of items with resilience in an end-game PvE situation is a discussion for another post at another time….Read Full Article.