Pet Feat: Argaloth

Durante at Big Red Rhino: I had been hoping to tank Argaloth for some time, but I didn’t think I’d be able to have the opportunity for some time since our guild hasn’t been able to set up a working raid schedule. I joined a half formed pug yesterday, and immediately had several members ask me if I wanted to tank with Bubbles, definitely a first for me.

We set up the group with the normal two healers, but with seven dps and myself as the only tank. I was relying on Avoidance reducing Argaloth’s Meteor Slash, even though I’d never definitively tested whether or not Saber Lash type abilities fall into that category. Turns out that pets don’t count as valid targets to Meteor Slash at all, and are completely unaffected by he ability both in terms of damage and its debuff. Since no Meteor Slash soaking was needed unlike with normal tanks, all raid members were able to stand behind the boss, completely eliminating the attack and significantly reducing the amount of raid healing required……Read Full Article.

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