The Cat Whisperer

Garwulf at Huntsman’s Lodge: Level 64 and I didn’t even have a cat… can you believe that?! I’ve started doing some random dungeons again to speed up my leveling process, so I figured I should look at getting a cat so that I have some buff variety.

I used to have Humar, but I set him loose at some point way back before we received our massive stable expansion. I thought about grabbing him again, but nah… too easy, plus I’ve tamed him several times over the years, anyway. It was time for something new. Humar has a great look for a cat, but he’s so popular that you tend to see him around quite a bit. I wanted something a bit more unusual.

I ventured into elf country to see if I could nab me the re-skinned Duststalker. Duststalker used to share the same dark-spotted model of the other Nightsabers in the area, but he got a makeover in The Shattering patch. Duststalker is now a bright white cat with dark spots – similar to the Snow Leopards of Dun Morogh, but with the large-fanged and fearsome sabretooth model. He also happens to be a rare unique cat, i.e., my favorite kind. ;) Duststalker is the only cat in the game with this particular look……Read Full Article.

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