MOP Beta: Current State of Hunter Pet Abilities

Arcanimus posted a summary of the current state of hunter pets in the MoP Beta:

Currently, Call of the Wild, Intervene, and Roar of Recovery are MiA from pets in their respective talent trees.

Abilities list for each talent tree:

All Pet Families
Cunning Pets
Ferocity Pets
Tenacity Pets

There is currently no way to change your pet’s talent tree.

You can follow the ongoing thread, Ask a Beta Hunter!,  on the MMO-C Hunter forum.

*Edit: Mania at Mania’s Arcania posted some additional information about pet talents. Cunning pets have Roar of Sacrifice and Ferocity pets have Dash. I’m going to add Mania’s information to this post so that it is all in one place.

The pet abilities mentioned in this post have been added to our WHH compilation of Mists of Pandaria Hunter Information: MoP Hunter Glyphs, Spells, and Items.

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