Mists of Pandaria Hunter Pets

Hunter Pets in MoP

With the new Mists of Pandaria build last night hunters finally gained the ability to tame the wild beasts of Pandaria. The folks at Petopia are busy cataloging all of the beasts and noting which are tamable and which are not. Here is a sampling of the data they’ve accumulated so far:


Bamboo Huntress
Bamboo Prowler
Crested Bandit Crane
Cypress Condor
Deepwoods Bear
Dusky owl
Forest Prowler
Fox Pup
Ivory starling
Jadeglow Wasp
Jeweled Macaw
Kher Shan (orange tiger)
Lotus Crane
Mosstide Crab
Mountain Worg
Orchard Wasp
Silkwood Stalker (yellow spider)
Singing Moth
Smokey Porcupine
Sunrise Crane
Swamp Worg
Tidemist Bruin (brown bear)
Tidemist Hunter (white owl)
Tidemist Stalker (orange tiger)
Veridian Porcupine
Wild Stalker

Not Tamable

Blueback Beaver
Bog Crocolisk
Crane Hunter
Dawnfeather Flyer
Deepwoods Cub
Emerald Fenfly
Enthralled Forest Prowler
Forest Cub
Forest Huntress
Glittering Amberfly
Greenstone Gorger
Greenstone Nibbler
Brittle Greenstone Gorger (Quest)
Hungry Bloodtalon
Shrine Elk
Silverhorn Doe
Silverhorn Fawn
Silverhorn Stag
Stoneskin Basilisk
Tidebourne Bull
Tidebourne Cow
Waxwood Hunter
Waxwood Matriarch
Windering Greenback

Visit the ongoing thread at Petopia to stay up to date on tamable pets in Pandaria.

Other MoP pet resources at Petopia include:

You can also find out more about MoP hunter pets in in our MoP Hunter Pet Guide.

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