Hunting Heroic Dragon Soul Guide

Zanbon at Aspect of the Murloc: The expansion is rapidly coming to a close and Tier 13 is ending. With the 20% nerf coming out, even more people will be progressing through Dragon Soul. Hunters were all over the place this tier. We started out okay then quickly got nerfed into the ground. They finally fixed us a couple patches in to 4.3 and with good gear and great knowledge of the fights, we are able to go head to head with some of the classes who spend a bit too much time sitting at the top of the meters.

This guide assumes you already have previous knowledge of the fights and focuses mainly on hunter-specific mechanics and tricks you need to know to maximize your effectiveness in the encounters.


Spec: Survival

Not a whole lot to cover on this fight, as it’s fairly straightforward. Basically exactly the same as normal except the raid splits in half and fights two identical bosses.

  • You will most likely be assigned to do crystals. If you’re taking a lot of damage from this, you’ll want to have Raptor Strike glyphed to help reduce some of the damage you take from Stomp. The bosses have an annoying hit box, so there will be minimum range issues on this fight. You’ll need to perfect your routine of running in at the last second, Raptor Striking, and disengaging to the crystal.
  • Keep an eye on your timers so you don’t blow any good cooldowns right before the black goop phase. You can still DPS from behind the spike things, but you are more likely to lose some uptime on those cooldowns while trying to properly LOS the goop, so it’s better to save them for right when the goop ends. . . . Read full article

[This guide is included in the WoW Hunters Hall compilation of Dragon Soul raid guides for hunters -  Dragon Soul: Boss Strategy Guides and Videos for Hunters]

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