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Tailoring Perks for Hunters 5/13/12

In the Simple Questions/Simple Answers thread, Fincher asked, “Does Tailoring have a better Perk for BM Hunters than a random +80 Profession?”

Here is what I collected so far: Swordguard Embroidery procs 1300 AP for 15 seconds with ICD of 55 sec, and if we are generous we say that it takes 5 sec to proc again after the ICD is over, thus it gives 1300 AP for 15 sec every minute, or 325 permanent AP. So is 325 permanent AP better than permanent 80 Agility and 65 crit? Apart from that, Shadowguard embroidery should do slightly more damage because, at least for the first proc, you can combine it with Rapid Fire and also it does more damage than it’s average if the fight does not end exactly when it has cooled down.

Whitefyst replied, “80 agility is 88 agility with the 10% buff from the mail bonus and the stat buff. 88 agility is 176 AP directly and 193.6 AP with the 10% AP buff. Hence, it is short about 131 AP. However, the 88 agility is also worth 0.271% crit or the equivalent of about 49 crit rating. Then you need to account for the 65 crit you lose by replacing the cloak enchant, which is 114 crit rating. Since crit rating is valued much more for BM than AP, the tailoring enchant loses out on straight averages. FD shows it as an about 150 DPS loss for my character.”

However, there are other factors, some of which you mentioned already, such as where the following line up with the tailor buff procs versus constant agi:
- Culling of the Herd
- Call of the Wild (since you can control when it occurs you can stack it on top of the tailor buff)
- Trinket procs

Hence, the tailor buff can be superior when it is lined up with other procs for huge bursts, especially at the start of fights with RF, CoW, trinket procs, etc. However, the gain is not much on average but does help on certain fights.

Nooska replied, “2 things: 1) BM get an additional 30% ap bonus, so the 80 agility is 251.5 AP for a BM. 2) Since you should be using the Agi cloak enchant, you won’t be losing 65 crit rating, but 22 agi, or 69 AP”

That means you loose a total of 320.5 constant RAP for 325 averaged AP [...]  remember that there is a difference between AP and RAP – swordguard increases your AP, not your RAP.

Also, AP is still worth more than crit for BM, its just not listed in the priority list as we don’t have any options for enchanting AP, except on the legs, where there isn’t an alternative.

Fincher replied, “1) The Animal Handler Grants 30% Bonus to Attack power. 2) amplified by the AP Bonus, Swordguard Embroidery pros for 130% * 1000 = 1300.”

[...] WoWWiki states: “1 AP = 1 Ranged Attack Power (RAP). [...]” This makes sense because the BM perk, Animal Handler, increases attack power and would be absolutely useless if it wouldn’t also affect ranged attack power. I used to switch between BM and MM back in the day and noticed that Arcane Shots hit harder in BM spec. [...]

I’ll level tailor for the perk instead alchemy, because the fights are either very short so the proc comes more into effect than its average or in the long fights, Spine (during rolls where you deterrence anyway) or Madness (during platform jumps) there are phases where the internal cooldown can work for you, and hence Tailoring is superior in terms of DPS.

Nooska replied, “there is a flaw in what you are saying about the ICD working for you – since it’s a proc you have no control over when it procs, and it is more likely to proc outside the burn phase than when you need it – while stops in dps will let you output more edps in the dps phases due to not triggering a proc during the stops and the ICD running during them regardless of when you last procced, that does not translate to useful damage.”

I’ll liken it to keeping dots rolling on mob A and B, where A is the focus target and B either heals to full when A is killed or outheals the damage from the few dots on it – it definately increases your dps, but the damage done is “fake”. Increased damage done to the tentacles or slimes on spine, for instance, doesn’t actually help get the encounter down faster (if it does, the issue is most likely something else).

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Gold-making Rates from Soloing Raids 5/11/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Durendil continued last week’s discussion of gold-making rates for soloing old raids: “Well, my personal breakdown is, with 397 gear, and drums of forgotten kings, counting travel time from Dalaran (except for part 2 of a raid) and selling loot:


Hard: basically means there are 1 or more difficult bosses, but personally I now easily one-shot bosses that took me some time to down, so efficacy comes from habit
Engineer: says it all

56 gold/minute BWL: 25 minute, 1400 gold + you can farm elementium ingots if someone is buying and prices are high on your server Razorgore
48 gold/minute SSC: 35 minutes, 1700 gold Vasjh
40 gold/minute SW: 45 minutes, 1800 gold Twins, M’uru
38 gold/minute BT: 5 bosses: 35 minutes, 1350 gold
33 gold/minute (38-47 gold/minute) Ulduar: Rush Freya + Razorscale + Auriaya (+ Mimiron): 50 (60) minutes, 1650 gold (1850 + 500-1000 in reagents) Auriaya
35 gold/minute VA: 22 minutes, 770 gold Toravon
34 gold/minute Naxx: (no Maexxna, Razu, KT): 55 minutes, 1900 gold Gothik
32 gold/minute TK: 35 min, 1150 gold Kael’thas
32 gold/minute BT: 4 other boss: 35 minutes, 1150 gold Reliquary Council Note you can reset Council, regen, than continue with them at the previous health.
26/gold minute Hyjal: 60 minutes, 1600 gold (looted ground trashes after bosses but not when a wave was in progress, no infernals, wyrms, gargoyles) Azgalor Kite him as much as possible (see Naj’entus/Gorefiend videos), FD when you are about to die, use lick your wounds immediately then you have 30 seconds to finish him.
21 gold/minute AQ 20 + 40 (no Cthun): 38 minutes, 820 gold Twins
23 gold/minute MC: 20 minutes, 460 gold
20 gold/minute Ulduar: Hodir/Council/Ignis: 29 minutes, 570 gold
16 gold/minute Malygos: 12 minutes, 190 gold
16 gold/minute Ulduar: Thorim, Vezax, Yogg: 35 minutes, 580 gold
12 gold/minute ICC: 2 bosses: 15 minutes, 210 gold
12 gold/minute ToC: 2 bosses: 15 minutes, 210 gold Beasts
11 gold/minute Onyxia: 12 minutes, 140 gold

Kara, Gruul and Magtheridon have been nerfed to worthless.

So, I once made 20K gold in 1 week with soloing

Caribald replied, “It would be fun to clear out the inventory and make a speedrun to clear everything as fast as possible one day I haven’t calculated gold per minute for each instance, but just randomly noted that I had earned 10k during the night from looting and vendoring only, so I looked at the VOD and calculated it from the time I spent streaming. I actually got transformed on Chromaggus because I foolishly didn’t swap to Aimed Shot after his weakness changed to non-arcane…”

Also, just a small note for your list: Thorim is doable without engineering, at least if you don’t get dazed. I think it’s possible even without being goblin as well. I’m not entirely sure about the latter though, but I could try dodging the Lightning Ball without goblin jump and Nitro Boosts this reset since I’m not locked yet.

When you do Blackwing Lair, do you skip the goblin mobs? I think 25 minutes sounds really fast if you don’t :p

Durendil replied, “For Blackwing Lair, just AoE a pack and loot it, it takes 30 seconds and you have all the hourglass sands you need. P.S: for Chromaggus, I use survival, works better (as long as you use Steady Shot when he’s resistant to nature).”

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