WHU Event Prep, Beta Hunter Changes Nerf Self-Heals

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union:

WHU Event Prep

I’ve been having some discussions with some people about the next WHU in-game event — the big one now that we have no more level cap and can have a swarm of level 85 hunters (and many below that). We have no firm date yet, but are beginning to get some ideas of how we want to approach the event, and there is some prep you might want to make.

I’m guessing we’re likely to do the level 85 event sometime in June. For those of you interested in preparing during the doldrums of the end of Cataclysm, here are some thing you really want to consider to get the most out of it: . . . Read full article

Beta Hunter Changes Nerf Self-Heals

Sometimes I talk about things being over-powered, and then when they get nerfed people blame me for bringing it to light. Personally I think that Blizzard is well aware of when things are overpowered. I’m predicting what Blizzard is going to do, not controlling it. If I was controlling things there’d be big list of awesome that would have happened by now.

That said, I did not necessarily think that the sweet self-heals of the hunter class were overpowered — just that they were awesome. But sadly Blizzard disagrees and the latest beta patch tones it down to something that’s still much stronger than what we have now, but is much weaker than what we had in the beta last week. . . . Read full article

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