Beta Classes Part XXII: Possible Disengage Fix; Pet Focus Regen Clarified

Blizzard is asking for feedback on class balance in the Mists of Pandaria Beta. This article continues our coverage of hunter-related discussions in the thread. You’ll find all of the official posts regarding hunters in MoP in the WHH MoP Hunter Guide.

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Lynoth wrote, “I have been working on some modeling of my own for Hunters and I would like clarification something GC posted earlier.  If I remember correctly, he stated that pets should always have 25% more Focus Regen than the Hunter due to scaling from the same effects and starting at 5 Fps rather than 4 Fps.”

While my experience overall agrees with this, I will say that it is not completely accurate.  Specifically, Focus Fire for the BM Hunter is a full 40% Haste, giving Focus Regen.  It does not appear to affect the Pet however, particularly as the Pet’s listed Swing speed goes back to its base value (2/1.1/(1+Hunter’s Base Haste %age)).  Is the design intention that Pets follow GC’s earlier post, or should GC’s earlier post be taken as a general design intent that specific abilities can break.  I assume the latter, but I would ask the question.

Also, in terms of tooltip inaccuracies, Rapid Fire is still listed as Ranged Attack Speed, but it affects Regen, so it should be Ranged Haste, if I understand the rules for the correctly. […]


Ghostcrawler replied, “Yeah, allow me to clarify. The pet inherits 125% of the hunter’s focus regen, which is based on ranged haste. It also inherits your melee haste, which increases its attack speed. So, odd as it may be, a buff like Focus Fire or Rapid Fire (yeah, need to correct the tooltip there) which gives ranged haste only will increase the pet’s focus regen, but not its attack speed.” [link]

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Ilke wrote, “Is disengage broken? Since the fix to charge any root or cc will either drop me out of the air or teleport me back to the place I used the spell, burning the cd and leaving me in the worst place possible to have disengage on cd. Glyph of disengage adds further vulnerability, and that sucks because it’s such a cool flavor glyph.”

Healing in Cata was overboard imo. The element of healers in bgs is undeniable, and when balanced makes everyone’s game more fulfilling. When heals are too strong, and it really doesn’t have to be by much, no one dies. And unlike when a damage class is op and they get a lot of kills and then those ppl go to the gy and come back, living forever makes for stalemates in ctf bgs and makes for games where there is little pvp in cap the node bgs, and more running.


Ghostcrawler replied, “Totally agree with the second point. If damage is too high, then there is no strategy other than blow all your cooldowns and try and kill someone in 10 sec. If healing is too high, then nobody dies and you have an endless stalemate. The challenge is to keep tuning somewhere in the middle where a well orchestrated kill can overcome the healer but folks aren’t just dying faster than anyone can respond. Our hope is that the addition of PvP Power and its benefit on healing will keep healing in PvP scaling with damage being done and mitigated.”

For the first question, this was the result of a fix to make Charge and similar abilities harder to cheese. Before, Charge always took you to the place where the target was when you began the Charge, so that even by jumping or dismounting you could place your character away from the charger. The warrior (or whoever else) would have spent the Charge, but not actually benefited from it because you were clever enough to hit your space bar. That felt cheap and frustrating. We implemented a fix so that instead of targeting a position in the world, Charge always hits its target. Rather than freezing you in midair (which would look weird) or teleporting the charger to wherever the target ends up (which would look weird, but more importantly might give charger an exploit to move longer distances than intended) we rubber-band the target back to their location.

You have to think about this from the point of view of a server-client game. For the charger, he executes the Charge on his client, then the server acknowledges it and resolves the command. The problem is meanwhile on your client, you have Disengaged. In order to feel responsive, that happens immediately. However, a very short time later the server says “No, wait a sec. You were charged. That means you can’t have Disengaged.” And it moves you back in time a moment. (If it’s not obvious, we have to let the server be the final arbiter of combat because clients can be hacked or go offline or whatever else.)

We understand the frustration though and it’s possible we could try to make a distinction between long cooldown abilities like Disengage jumps and simply hitting the space bar. We would still likely have to teleport the charger to your final destination or retroactively cancel the charge, both of which are also going to feel weird.


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