A Guide to Resources for Hunters

This guide to Warcraft hunter resources maps out the places seasoned hunters go when they need tools or information. It lists places where you can meet, socialize, and trade information with other hunters. Links to good sources for add-ons, profession leveling guides, item databases, and general WoW news sources are also included. All of these sites are free to use.


Dwarf Hunter with Freezing Trap

  • Elitist Jerks Hunter Forum The EJ hunter forum is “a WoW discussion forum targeted towards topics regarding high-end raiding and analysis of game mechanics.” World-first hunter solos are also reported here. EJ is serious about maintaining a high signal/noise ratio and it is advised to make oneself familiar with their rules before posting on the forum.
  • MMO Champion Hunter Forum The MMO-C hunter forum is a friendly place to ask questions about hunter tactics for boss encounters, gear optimization, and other general hunter topics. Hunter updates and changes are usually reported and discussed here within minutes.
  • Official WoW Forums
    • The official WoW hunter forums are frequented by a wide variety of hunters from beginners to experts, with discussions from both  PvE and PvP perspectives.
    • If you experience what seems to be a bug, the official Bug Report Forum is the place to search for previous reports and to file new bug reports.


  • WoW Reforge. Online reforge calculator and optimizer.
  • Raidbots
    • DPS Bot DPS Bot attempts to determine and display how various World of Warcraft classes and specs compare against each other. It does this by crunching data from World of Logs.
    • Epeen Bot See your parses compared against the world.
    • Compare Bot CompareBot can take any details page from World of Logs and compare it against any other.
  • Petopia

    • Petopia Guide A complete Guide to Hunter Pets in the World of Warcraft
    • Petopia Forum Discussions and information about every aspect of hunter pets.

Blogs, Podcasts, Facebook, and YouTube Channels

The hunter blogs and channels listed below have been around for a while and post quality hunter content on a regular basis. They represent a broad spectrum of hunter play-styles and interests.

Blood Elf Hunter by krace

Night Elf Hunter by Oscar Lazo Mercado


Add-ons, mods, and hunter UI pacs are available for download from these sources.


General Warcraft News Sites

Tauren Hunter by Lee Chang Ich

General References

  • Battlenet World of Warcraft News, Game Guide, Information and Services
  • Wowhead Database. Look up any item, quest, spell, or NPC that has an in-game tooltip.
  • WoWpedia World of Warcraft encyclopedia.
  • WoWWiki World of Warcraft universe guide.

WoW Hunters Hall Guides

WHH pulls together information from many online resources (including those listed above) to create compilations, compendiums, and lists. These guides are updated regularly with new information as it becomes available.

  • Mists of Pandaria Mists of Pandaria Hunter Guides Lists all of the MoP hunter guides for hunters preparing for the Mists of Pandaria expansion. All of the guides are updated as new builds are deployed and new information becomes available. Includes all of the new gear for both PvE and PvP, enchants, gems, scopes and weapon chains, glyphs, abilities, talents, specializations, and pets.

Hunting in Nagrand by Zach Wong

  • PvP Hunter PvP Guides Includes beginner’s guides, guides to using advanced skills, macros and keybindings, dueling guides, arena and tournament videos, and information on PvP in Mists of Pandaria
  • Soloing Hunter Soloing Guides and Videos Includes a general section on hunter and pet specs as well as guides for soloing just about every boss ever soloed by a hunter, organized by expansion.
  • Pets Index of Petopia Forum Posts All of the Petopia forum posts that have been summarized at WHH are organized here by subject for quick reference.
  • Blogging How to Start a WoW Blog A 4-part series on how to start your own blog. Includes tips on software, hosting, writing, promotion, and monetizing.

Artwork is from the Hunter Class Art  and Fan Art Galleries at Battlenet. The header image is from the Hunter Class Guide at Battlenet.

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