Hunter Soloing the Zul’Aman Bear Run – Narrated Guide

Cinnamohn: I put together a somewhat helpful video for those of you who may still want/need this mount.


As of this video:
Gear – ilv466 overall (ilv476 weapon, ilv463/390 trinkets)
Consumables – 300 Agi Food, 1000 Agi Flask, 4000 Agi Potions
Spec – Survival
Talents – 3/1/3/3/3/1
Glyphs – Misdirection, Mending, Marked for Death
Pet – Kitty Tank

Overall Time: 25 minutes

Music: Shatter Soundtrack (Krypton Garden, The End of the World)

02:00 Akil’zon
05:42 Nalorakk
09:19 Jan’alai
10:55 Halazzi

Video Speed: 200%

– – –

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