World First Hunter Solo: CaribaLd vs Shannox

Caribald: Who’s the strongest hunter in Firelands?

A day or so after Mione’s death knight solo, but still a hunter first.

Item level: 488.2

As for the fight, I can instantly break the stun from Rageface by standing behind a crystal trap. Otherwise it breaks by a 30k hit, which can be done with Bestial Wrath and Immolation Trap being up (20% more damage taken). At one point I get stunned without either, somehow Rageface took a 54k crit and broke, not sure how that happened to be honest.

If you get Shannox below 30% before finishing off the dogs, they get an insane enrage. If you kill Riplimb, Shannox starts giving a stacking fire damage taken debuff every 15 seconds, so that’s basically a soft enrage. There’s also a hard enrage at 10 minutes. I wiped at 4% twice to that. Once at 13% because I pulled a core hound while having fire debuff, and got 4 breath ticks each for over 100k before realizing what was going on (was really tired at that point). After getting close I started wiping to every conceivable thing, just like every other solo boss I progress on. I got trapped in a crystal trap ONCE, again because I was tired.


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