Raiding Tips and Tricks – MoP Edition

Bellatrex is compiling hunter raiding tips and tricks in a thread on the MMO Champion hunter forum. These tips are submitted by raiding hunters and cover the three current Mists of Pandaria raids: Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Spring. The thread is updated regularly so check there for the latest submissions.

The hunter MoP raid tips and tricks submitted to date are listed below:

Mogu’shan Vaults

Stone Guard

  • Master’s Call – Cobalt Bomb, removes the root, and makes you immune from rooting when you break them.
  • Deterrence works on Cobalt bombs to negate damage/root


  • You can deterrence Arcane Resonance and Epicentre


  • If you have to go down with a totem your spirit beast heal gives a couple stacks and your healthstone does too

N & H-Spirit Kings

  • Use Tranq shot glyph to help with Delirious dispels
  • Apparently you can disengage over Flanking Orders with perfect timing
  • You can deterrence through Flanking Orders
  • You can Deterrence Pinning Arrows on The Spirit Kings, you have a split second between him targeting you and the arrows going off to do it – you can also BW out of a pinning arrow if it’s available
  • Don’t use glaive toss when a shield/sleight of hand is coming up on Spirit kings heroic. The pass-through will trigger the abilities, and the same goes for the returning glaive damage
  • Don’t use glaive toss during a MC, you’ll slow everyone


  • You can not deterrence soak an exploding protector
  • You can not disengage over a “blue fire pillar wall”
  • Explosive Trap where the adds spawn is better. It affects the boss and the adds
  • If you’re SV for this – Keep BA up on Elegon during spark phases for LnL procs and multishot the middle add right as they spawn to get serpent sting on all three on your side.

Will of the Emps

  • On heroic hunters can deterrence the sparks

Heart of Fear

Blade Lord Ta’yak

  • If you use the strat of stacking in melee for Unseen Strike – don’t use CDs before that happens. Drop a explo trap in the down time waiting for him to respawn
  • After the first round of dodging tornadoes, when the boss is around 11-12% you can step into the windstream on the side of the hall wall and use it to move you quickly down the hall so you will be at the end as the boss flies back at 10% – you must be careful to step out of the windstream at 10% because it will reverse direction
  • Spirit bond could be a good talent to choose for the healing during the tornado phases – Spirit Bond heals for about 8-9k every 2 seconds, or 4000-4500 every second. This helps negate much of the constant damage that you’d take every second during the tornado phase. Iron Hawk only reduces each tick by 1500 damage or so.

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

  • You can deterrence Force & Verve
  • You can use intimidation to CC MC’d people


  • You can deterrence some of the Crush damage (heroic)


  • Hunters will never get the debuff in p1 and will never have to use the dissonance fields
  • You can deterrence the cone fear in the last phase and not be feared or take damage

Terrace of Endless Spring:

Sha of Fear:

  • You can deterrence Breath of Fear from the Sha of Fear encounter in Terrace of Endless Spring, won’t get feared or take damage
  • During a wipe, you can FD on one of the platforms and if you live you will be teleported back to the start of the fight

Read the original thread on the MMO-C hunter forum.

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