The Wild Hunt: Elegon 25-Man Details

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: We got past 25-man Elegon some time ago – and of course ever since then, I’ve had bad luck and had to sit out on the evenings it gets killed again. However during our learning period I shared notes with our other hunters and we got relatively good with killing Energy Charges. Managing the waves of these adds is extremely important in this fight, so here are my notes for 25-man normal.

Glyphs and Talents

Glyph of Marked for Death is the no-brainer here – a global saved is a big deal. Glyphing for Explosive Trap is probably a very bad idea; the knockback is unlikely to work for either the add or Elegon himself but would rob you of the trap’s dps.

The most useful talents are Blink Strike and Thrill of the Hunt. Personally I find Blink Strike to be too much of a pain during the rest of the encounter and opted to go with Lynx Rush instead but once patch 5.1 goes live, LR damage may go down so much that I have to change.

Thrill of the Hunt procs frequently and is a great help in getting the charge down in time. The other two talents have too much cooldown for this hectic phase.

Pet and Focus

Keeping pet on passive is a must, as Assist is simply too slow for this phase. A simple /petattack macro on a convenient key will make sure your pet gets to Charge as soon as it spawns. Between waves, pets should be on Elegon to minimize travel time.

Especially during the last few waves, you will be completely focus starved. Thrill of the Hunt will help somewhat but in addition to that, use every second between waves to Cobra shot Elegon. . . . Read full article

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