WHU: Are Hunters Doing the Wrong Type of Damage?

James at Warcraft Hunters Union: Right now, BM is probably the go-to spec for most hunters for most fights in current (T14) content.  BM offers us pretty good single target damage, can provide frighteningly good openers if you’re willing to practice and has cooldowns which synchronise well, complement each other and our mastery.  We can easily turn to SV for AOE, to be less affected by pet downtime or bugs which prevent proper pet interaction with encounter mechanics.  But, I don’t particularly think that our damage is necessarily bad, rather it’s the way we deal damage that’s holding us back.

A brief recap

T11 saw the addition of “solar cleave” to the WoW lexicon, because multi-dotting was the way to deal damage: Omnitron, Magmaw, Maloriak, Halfus, Valiona, Council and Cho’gall.  T12 was more of the same: Shannox, Beth’tilac, Rhyolith, Alysrazor (kind of) and Raggy.  T13…you got it!  Heroic Morchok, Yor’sahj, Hagara (kind of), Warmaster, Spine and Madness.  All those encounters let multi-dotters run wild.  Overall, hunter DPS was ok in Tiers 11 and 12, started out horribly in T13 and then made a bit of a comeback.  But, was the damage we were dealing “wrong?” . . . Read full article

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