Zumio: Hunter vs Frost Mage Duel Guide: MoP Edition!

Zumio: The first of my MoP Duel Guides is finally here, and it is against the formidable mage opponent! Went back to basics and dragged lordofmagic (2500 rated mage) along for some duels – mages are typically quite easy to beat but I stacked the odds against me in this one, lord has T2 gear (which I do not) – I also held back from using Stampede/Readiness wherever possible, as you’ll see. Hope you enjoy!

A few people have been asking about the lacking upload schedule lately, I made a facebook post on the subject here: http://www.facebook.com/ZumioNET

1) Timesplitters 2 – Wild West Theme
2) Sulex – Morning Run
3) Stereotronique – Stock & Pull (Monstercat)

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