The Wild Hunt: Three Ways To Name Your Pet

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: An important part of hunter identity is in the companion pets we have. In the age of transmogrification and homogenised pet damage, a style-concious hunter will pick the pet based on more than buffs: unique skins, rare tames, colours that suit the current armor mog. However, it’s not enough to simply have a pet that looks good. It needs a name to go with it.

A frost mage will forever have a water elemental – identical, unnamed and expendable. A warlock might choose to summon a host of demons until he finds one whose name isn’t too hilarious when said out loud.

A hunter, on the other hand, will name the pet – name it, care for it and proudly show it off while idling in the Shrine. But where should new hunters start looking for names, when they receive their first companion? . . . Read full article

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