WHU: Patch 5.1 Hunter Changes

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Patch 5.1 lands tomorrow, and brings with it some big game changers, but fairly minor hunter changes. Starting with the significant changes for hunters:

  • No more Aspect of the Fox
  • Steady Shot & Cobra Shot can be cast on the run by default!
  • New Glyph of Aimed Shot lets you hardcast Aimed Shot while moving
  • MM Steady Focus ability will last a whopping 20 seconds, making it far easier to maintain the buff
  • Lynx Rush damage will change to a bleed effect, but the overall damage done will be the same. This means it’s less bursty, but same overall dps.
  • Careful Aim has been buffed a bit to work on targets over 80% health, rather than only over 90%
  • Glyph of Solace (previously Icy Solace) will let both Scatter Shot and Freezing Trap remove all DoTs.
None of these patch 5.1 hunter changes are huge, but there [are] some nice quality of life improvements with the removal of Fox and free casting on the move. . . . Read full article
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