Jade Hunts: Imperial Vizier Zor’lok Strategy Guide for Hunters

Recently I posted a couple of excellent videos, made by Jademcian, showing the hunter perspective for fights in the new Terrace of Endless Spring raid instance. A reader had a few questions about Jademcian’s UI and Jade took the time to stop by and answer them along with leaving a link to his blog, Jade Hunts. Check the blog for lots of hunter info. Below is a snip from Jade’s hunter guide to the Imperial Vizier Zor’lock encounter in the Heart of Fear raid instance.

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Jademcian at Jade Hunts: Imperial Vizier Zor’lok – Single target fight, excellent for [Beast Mastery].

Talents I recommend are: Posthaste, Binding Shot, Aspect of the Iron Hawk, Dire Beast, A Murder of Crows and Glaive Toss.

Posthaste Will get you between platforms on P1 faster.
Binding Shot – Could prove useful on MC players but otherwise irrelevant. Silencing shot a good second option for same reason.
Aspect of the Iron Hawk – passive damage reduction.
Dire Beast – Strongest single target on its tier.
A Murder of Crows – Strongest single target on its tier.
Glaive Toss – Strongest single target on its tier, will slow MC players.

There are two phases to this boss fight:
The first involves three different platforms, each that give Zor’lok a different ability.
The second involves the middle of the room, where Zor’lok will use all three abilities from the first phase.

During the first phase, the entire room except the three platforms fill with a silencing gas. As a hunter, we don’t care. This means on the pull you’re still able to cast all your cooldowns, DoT and begin DPS. The only limiting factor is Zor’lok flying to his first platform: your pet can’t attack until he lands. Thus, no Kill Command until you’ve walked up into range (and delaying stampede until you’re more towards the platform stairs). Do not kill your pet between phases; each time Zor’lok flies it acts as an aggro dump. . . . Read full article

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