Where the Wild Things Are: Amber Parasites

Kalliope at Kalliope’s Pantheon of Pets: Patch 5.1 revealed a most likely unintended tameable maggot-skinned worm. Whether hunters will get to keep them as pets remains to be seen, as they share a skeleton with silkworms. Stay tuned for updates!

Hey everyone! Kalliope here in the Dread Wastes with a likely unintentional, but still exciting new worm tame.

You’ll need three things to do this tame: level 90, a beast mastery spec, and the Klaxxi daily quest “Infected.” With this quest, certain beasts in the southeast corner of the Dread Wastes will have a yellow cloud around them. When damaged, these beasts will randomly spawn amber parasites in groups of three, any of which can be tamed.

Your newly tamed worm will have really low health, so either be prepared for him to die to the remaining beasts or take the exhilaration talent to heal him to full immediately after taming. . . . Read full article

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