Huntsman’s Lodge: Gib the Banana-Hoarder

Garwulf at Huntsman’s Lodge: Patch 5.1 has brought with it a whole zoo of new rare pets, including some unique rares. One of the most sought after rare pets in Patch 5.1 is this little guy… Gib the Banana-Hoarder.

Gib can be found lurking in the wilds within the Swamp of Sorrows. To my knowledge, he has only one place where he likes to hang out, which is in a small little alcove at the western edge of the zone (coordinates: 17,47).

He’s pretty easy to spot if he is out and about, and he does not patrol. I don’t know what sort of spawn timer he’s on, but it’s reported to be at least 3 hours.

Gib is a popular pet – mainly due to him being one of the few pets that accessorizes (and I’m pretty sure the only hat-wearer) – plus he’s a monkey, which is a popular choice for PvP. Therefore, he not only looks amusing, but his Bad Manner ability makes him a practical choice as well. . . . Read full article

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