The Wild Hunt: Looking For A Fight – Part 1 (Brawler’s Guild)

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: While I wait for a lucky weapon drop that might get me past the brick wall known as Dark Summoner, I decided to share some tips about the earlier encounters in the Brawler’s Guild.

The first thing every hunter needs to get over is that tanky pets are a hindrance here. These encounters cannot be tanked by a pet – it will get killed in short order. Spec your pet ferocity and make sure to turn growl off.

Picking your Stampede

Choose your active pets with consideration to encounter-specific advantages and buffs/debuffs you will be missing. It’s typical for people to form buff raids – there’s no reason to have a cat around if there’s a paladin standing by to Might you.

Remember that Stampeding pets will immediately cast everything they have available and on autocast; use this to your advantage. If you have all the buffs covered from helpful spectators, collect a good complement of target debuffs. If you have a problem with adds or kiting, consider pets that can slow, root or stun.

While generally having growling pets in your Stampede is inconsiderate or downright dangerous, in here it can be used to take some pressure off you for a moment. A growling stampede pet will get killed but it may divert a cast that would’ve killed you instead.


Stock up on Tomes of the Clear Mind. Swapping talents and glyphs is necessary especially on the later ranks. Buy dps potions from the local Brawler’s quartermaster; they cost only 70 silver each. Healing potions, however, are best aquired from the AH – [Brawler’s Healing Potion] restores 60 000 health, only half of what the alchemist-crafted [Master Healing Potion] gives. Buff food is a good idea as well, though if you expect to die frequently it might be best to fetch the vendor food with your best secondary stat instead of something more expensive.

Rank 1

Bruce the crocodile will eat you alive if you make the mistake of standing near his teeth during Chomp Chomp Chomp. . . . Read full article

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