Durendil: Hunter World First Solos – Vezax 25 HM, Anub’arak 25

Vezax 25 Hard Mode

Durendil: More difficult than I expected, that animus hits like a truck.

Phase 1: Dps as much as you can the boss. This means using the shadow crash puddle’s magic debuff to your advantage. Just interrupt him and he will cast one (careful, he will melee your pet, make sure he hasn’t got the buff).

3 minutes later, phase 2 will begin: the animus will spawn. Thankfully, unlike 10 man, Vezax will keep spamming his aoe. You want to keep mend pet up and blow all cooldowns. Make sure you never stand in the black puddles, they also reduce healing. If you interrupt Vezax, also make sure he’s not in melee range of your pet. It is better to tank it on one side of the room, so you can kite the animus to the other if you want to dismiss and heal back your pet.

Once he’s dead, it’s phase 1 again, so you’ll have to finish Vezax before berserk.


Anub’arak 25


Same strategy than Anub’arak 10 at level 85, just a dps check.

Using a spirit beast is probably better than a turtle here.

Phase 1: You’ll want to dps as much as possible, since you cannot afford more than 3 burrow phases. Make sure you tank the boss far from the add’s spawning points. Fd when the adds arrive.

Phase 2: either kite boss over frost patches, or put it on your pet with fd, then kill the scarabs.

Phase 3: put widow venom up before he hits 30%, then kill him. Don’t worry about your health, you take less damage the less hp you got (if you get lower than 12K, you might want to use spirit mend, but it shouldn’t happen).


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