Petopia Forum Highlights 12/07/12

Every Friday, Kalliope features the highlights of the Petopia forum discussions that week, ranging from new pet discoveries to theorycrafting to stunning transmog sets, also providing links to the full threads.

Amber Parasite tamable! (12/01/12)

New poster Dini discovered that certain maggot-skinned worms in the Dread Wastes are tameable. No daily or Klaxxxi reputation is required to make them spawn. Kalliope provided a video recap of the worms that summarizes the findings of the thread.

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Pet skins that are still untameable (12/02/12)

Wain updated the untameable skins thread with all of the Outland wind serpent wing/body color combinations.

Direct link to the update

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Silithid Colossuses in Patch 5.1 (12/03/12)

Aggannor reported that silithids no longer hiss constantly while walking as of patch 5.1.

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Goldenback Found (12/03/12)

First time poster Orkymedes  discovered Goldenback, a light gray gorilla, in the Stonetalon Mountains, one of the last two 5.1 rares that was missing.

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Craw the Ravager (final rare of 5.1) (12/06/12)

Vephriel found the elusive purple crocolisk Craw the Ravager, the last of the pending 5.1 Azerothian rares, in Hillsbrad Foothills.

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Featured Transmogrification of the Week (12/07/12)

This week’s featured transmogrification was created by Vephriel.

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