Hunter World First Solos: Gunship Battle 25, Beth’tilac, Jaraxxus 25

Gunship Battle 25Caribald: Gunship 25 soloed. New bow helped a lot :P Could kill Riflemen rather easily with just Multi-Shot/Improved Serpent Sting/Serpent Sting (if you cast it through the correct riflemen you can dot every single one with 2 Multi-Shots), and Sorceror went down quickly enough so that I had time to nuke their ship for long enough to stay ahead.

Watch the Gunship Battle video on Twitch.

Jaraxxus 25Durendil: First come, first served… Focus adds and don’t forget to heal your pet. Other than that, the boss is just an easy gear check. Oh, use spirit mend to get rid of incinerate flesh – the dps reduction is annoying.


Beth’tilac 10Durendil: Strategy mainly consisting of having 436K health or more and getting her to 9% before her third explosion.

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