The WIld Hunt: Brawler’s Guild Guides for Ranks 4 and 5

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: As promised earlier, here are some pointers for the rank 4 and 5 fights. Do note that people with better equipment can blast through these fights without much trouble; these notes won’t be all that necessary if you sport fully upgraded epics.

Rank 4

Starting up this rank is Crush, a reminder of a raid boss of expansions past. For a hunter this fight is again extremely easy; keep away from him as he loads up his Collision and you’ll be fine. Back in Trial of the Crusader, Icehowl used to take higher damage when he had stunned himself on the wall; Collision’s tooltip gives no indication of the same but I used my cooldowns during the stun regardless.

  • Talents and glyphs: anything that helps you kite when Crush is not stunned
  • Utility pets: Bat, Wasp, Shale Spider, Warp Stalker

Leona Earthwind is a night elf druid, somehow lured to the fighting scene. Interrupt her Wrath in any way you can as it can get rather painful. Remember racials that stun, interrupt or force her to lose target, as well as Scatter Shot, pet abilities and knockbacks.

In addition to the cast, she will also summon adds that can quickly get dangerous if they’re not either kited or killed in short order. . . . Read full article

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