ALT:ernative: Looking for Changes

The Godmother at ALT:ernative: There has been some discussion in the Hunter community over the last few days over the issue of playability: do we have too many buttons to press? Speaking with my (incredibly stylish) Hunter hat on, I don’t think the number of buttons is the problem. After all, I have played a large number of classes over the years and most of them have a lot of stuff you might need to use at any given point for a particular fight.

I think the interface might be the real problem.

I am aware that a great number of people still play with the default layout. The problem is, the basic composition of that particular beast has changed very little since the game was first introduced. More spells have appeared, but there’s been no real provision for their accommodation, hence why custom interface mods are as popular as they undoubtedly are. Ironically Blizzard have embraced changes like combat text and spell alerts with surprising ease, mostly (I suspect) because they are a benefit to everyone and don’t actually change the basic ‘feel’ of your screen. This is where I have to remember that I’m only one in (probably over) ten million people playing this game, and for many of them changing that most basic of layouts could be akin to completely destroying their game experience.

So, what could Blizzard do to improve the quality of life for those of us struggling to find a way to have all our abilities to hand? . . . Read full article

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