Mushan: Hunters and Buttons

Mushan: A hot topic among hunters over the past week or so seems to be the “we have too many buttons” conversation.

I was talking with my raid leader about it last night, as he recently reached 90 with his gun-toting dwarven survivalist alt. He’s now dealing with what we’re all dealing with, which is managing the increased number of abilities and cooldowns that hunters have in Mists of Pandaria.

I’m not going to go into much detail about the situation – we all feel it, and many have written great posts about it, including Frostheim and The Grumpy Elf. (Go read their posts!!!)

I don’t feel as passionate about the issue as many others do… This is probably, to some degree, because I used to play a certain class that has a spec of the feline variety, and I grew to hate the “use a few abilities, wait for energy to regen, and stay in melee range so my white swings hit in the meantime” experience. Playing a hunter is a very active experience comparatively, and one that I prefer over that other extreme. . . . Read full article

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