Grandpappy Frostheim on Burning Crusade

Frostheim: Let’s take a look at those glory days for a moment, shall we…

There was one optimal hunter spec back then that was leaps and bounds ahead of the others. If you wanted to raid in BC, you had to be BM, and BM did very well. The optimal BM rotation was a 1-button macro. I’m not exaggerating, that’s what we did. I had mine bound to my mousewheel because my finger got tired of slamming the same button repeatedly. I know other hunters who put the same button on multiple keybinds just to have some variety in their button-pushing.

This macro consisted of firing Steady Shot in a way that made sure we didn’t clip our auto-shot, and triggering Kill Command when it was up (which was not an attack back then, but a pet buff that was off the GCD). Our global cooldown was 1.5 seconds and, to be fair, we couldn’t cast while moving.

Compare that to the myriad of buttons in the hunter rotation now and the GCD is 1 second so you’re pushing all those different buttons far faster than you had to push just the one in BC. . . . Read full article

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