Petopia Forum Highlights 12/14/12

Every Friday, Kalliope features the highlights of the Petopia forum discussions that week, ranging from new pet discoveries to theorycrafting to stunning transmog sets, also providing links to the full threads.

Molten Front Flashbacks (12/11/12)

Kalliope announced a video series featuring the rares of the Molten Front, kicking off a discussion of remembrances on the forums.

Read full thread here

‘Til the Servers Shut Down – Hunter Love Song (12/12/12)

Petopians featured in Balthazar/Frostheim’s video with their pets continue to share their stories and feedback.

Read full thread here

Featured Transmogrification of the Week (12/14/12)

This week’s featured transmogrification was created by Mindsprocket.

View on Petopia

A full index of all Petopia Forum posts recapped at the Wow Hunter’s Hall is maintained in the Index of Petopia Forum Posts.

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