Scavenged Pandaren Gun

I love running scenarios to cap my Valor Points. The instant queues and the independence they offer are just my cup of tea. In the first couple of weeks of the expansion, I also got a few item upgrades from the Greater Cache of Treasure rewarded upon completion.

These days I don’t need any gear from scenarios and normally just vendor anything that happens to be in the cache, but today, I received a Scavenged Pandaren Gun:

Now, the stats don’t matter much to me since I’m only going to vendor the gun anyway, but there are hunters who play more causally than I who might really appreciate getting a weapon upgrade in their cache. I’ll be leveling one of my hunter alts soon, and I know I’d be quite disappointed if this gun was in my bag. Oh yay! A new weapon!  ….ohhhh :(

A look at the Blizzard page for the gun shows that there are 18 random enchantment sets of stats available for this gun, eight of which include strength. I don’t know if someone just made a coding error or if Blizzard is trolling us, but hopefully someone will either fix the stat sets for this weapon to be appropriate for the one class that uses a gun, or at least remove the strength weapons from the hunter loot table.

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