The Wild Hunt: Early Impressions of Patch 5.2

Ruta at The Wild Hunt: In the time it takes me to sleep through the supposed end of the world (Worst. Apocalypse. Ever!) – Blizzard decided to let slip the initial patch notes for Patch 5.2, giving us an insight into what is to come when the Thunder King rises to battle.[…]

It seems we haven’t been subjected to many of the major overhauls to things like Mastery and Talents that some classes are getting (Monks and Rogues to name but two) – this means one of two things, either Blizzard think we’re in a good position right now, or we’re being made to wait for a later build to see our damage. But before we reach for our tinfoil hats, let’s stick with what we know.

The change to Bestial Wrath is an interesting one, there have been a few circumstances where I’ve gotten annoyed as BW won’t activate due to a set of stairs, or something silly like that which has counted as being out of line of sight. . . . Read full article

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