All Kinds of Chips: Happy 2013!

Izzicality at All Kinds of Chips:  Many things to celebrate on the WoW front: patch 5.2 is bringing some neat looking gear sets (I really like the hunter tier 15, and I do like the mage as well, but now I like it a bit less after having to draw it — eesh!) and Dire Horns! I’m pretty sure those refer to the soon-to-be-added triceratops models. I am definitely planning and hoping to update my devilsaur to the new model, and I’ll probably snag one of these Dire Horns — just need to have a nice name I’ll love for it.

Also, last night my weekly Sunwell run gave me the hunter-coveted Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury! . . . Read full article

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