Where the Wild Things Are: Ankha and Magria

Kalliope at Kalliope’s Pantheon of Pets: We continue our journey toward the Molten Front this week with a visit to Ankha and Magria, the spectral tigers of Mount Hyjal. That wraps up the rares of Mount Hyjal that were released in patch 4.2. Next week, we’ll enter the Molten Front, where the other seven challenge tames reside.


Hey everyone! Kalliope here in the Regrowth of Mount Hyjal, here to introduce you to the spirit beasts known as Ankha and Magria.

These two spectral kitties trade places with each other, sharing the same path, level, and special challenging taming mechanic. They are identical in every way except for their color: Ankha is white and Magria is blue.

Both cats are level 85 and have the three spirit beast pet abilities once tamed. . . . Read full article

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