The Grumpy Elf: Define Required

The Grumpy Elf: I’ve touched on the topic of required content before such as reputation being required or valor grinding being required or running the LFR being required.  There are always going to be people that say if you do not want to do it then don’t.  There will always be people that say I don’t want to do it but I felt required to do it to keep up.  What it really comes down to is how do you, as a gamer, define required.

I think when we, the players of warcraft, argue about it we are all wrong.  We view required from our own little world.  Even someone like myself who can argue both sides (and I will in a moment), my view is tainted because I am a player.  We need a view from the outside looking in and I got a taste of that the other day while talking about warcraft with a friend at a new years party.  But first, a small taste of one persons tainted view, arguing required from both sides.

The Required Argument:

My hunter is my main and as such I treat him as the character that needs to have everything and have them as soon as possible so I can be capable of doing the best I can as soon as I can.  . . . read full article

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