Tosan 6: Marksmanship Hunter Arena

Tosan: Thanks to all of my teammates in this video: Cdew (Taylorswift), Corje, Reckful, Sallice, Coreygunz, Zaddo, Starship, Merkx, Diggles. You guys own.

Tosan’s Channel and Live Stream:


1) Thousand Foot Krutch – Courtesy Call (Download on iTunes here: ) – TFK OWNS
2) F-777 – Party Time
3) F-777 – Lightspeed’s Too Slow
4) F-777 – Cola Monster
5) F-777 – Celtic Win
6) F-777 – Mystical Dreams
7) F-777 – Distant Secrets
8) F-777 – Life Is Awesome


Thanks for watching folks, hope you enjoyed.

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