WHU: Spirit Mend Heals

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: This won’t be new information to many, but will be new and useful to some.  Toward the end of Cataclysm, a clever hunter came up with a macro wherein we could summon and dismiss each of pets in rapid succession.  If each of these pets was a Spirit Beast, we could cast all 5 Spirit Mends in a small window.

While this was clever, in practice it was troublesome.  Lots of downtime for dps or movement, and we had to wait 1-3 seconds for the pet to fully inherit our stats before casting the heal.  Otherwise, it would hit for almost nothing.  And not every hunter had 5 Spirit Beasts to keep in his/her stable.

With Stampede, those worries go away, and we have a cool way to get a lot of heals very easily.  . . . Read full article

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