Kalliope: Amber Parasites Followup

Kalliope: The first build of the 5.2 patch is now available on the PTR and with it comes the revelation that the amber parasites will no longer be tameable. If you want one, you’d better tame it before 5.2 hits live servers.


Hey guys, quick update from Kalliope on the PTR on the amber parasites. As of the first build of the 5.2 patch, amber parasites are no longer tameable. If you want one of these maggots, you’d better tame one before the patch hits. We don’t know when it’s coming, but it will be relatively soon, so do NOT wait. Thus far, the Gorishi grubs are still okay, but they haven’t had their size normalized yet either. I’ll keep you posted on future developments. Stay tuned! . . . read original article

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