WHU: New Tameable Pet – Dire Horn

Arth at WHU: With Patch 5.2, we’ll also get a new pet family: Dire Horns.

Dire Horns are basically triceratops dinosaurs, and the look will undoubtedly appeal to many collectors.

Keeping in mind that this is all still on the PTR and subject to change, here’s what we know:

  • The colors vary, and it looks like we’ll have our pick of several Dire Horns skins.
  • These are not to be confused with the new Dire Horn mounts, which have also been datamined recently.
  • They will have a defensive special ability called Reflective Armor Plating.  Seems situational to me.  It certainly won’t make Dire Horns a “must-add” for hunters who aren’t collectors and only collect pets based off on PvE or PvP usefulness.
  • On the PTR, Dire Horns are NOT exotic.  They can be tamed by any spec.

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