Kalliope: Where the Wild Things Are – Anthriss

Kalliope at Kalliope’s Pantheon of Pets: The first challenge tame of the Molten Front is Anthriss, the gorgeous yellow lava spider. We won’t have to travel far to visit one of her brothers next week.


Hey everyone! This is Kalliope, here in the Molten Front to introduce you to one of the rare challenge tame lava spiders – the electric yellow beauty, Anthriss.

Anthriss sits at the bottom of a ramp in the middle of the Molten Front, which makes her easy to spot – when she’s there, that is. Anthriss has one of the simplest taming mechanics of all the challenge tames from patch 4.2, which makes seeing her spawned in the first place the real challenge.

Anthriss is level 85 in the wild and acts as a normal spider once tamed. The spider family ability is web, a five second root that can be cast from 30 yards away. . . . Read full article

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