So long, Tsulong.

CaribaLd: This is what happens when you get a shaman trial who thinks outside of raids and bounces the idea with a person playing a class capable of summoning 31 healable targets, while every player other than the shaman goes out of Ascendance range. (actually one player was too close after a fear, so healing could be a lot better, as well as a small personal error from the shaman).

So how is it done? Our new resto shaman turns out to be a smart fellow. He found out that pets, while not counting as targets for Ascendance healing, still take healing from it. I think that requires a bit better explanation:

Ascendance duplicates healing and splits it between targets within 20 yards of the shaman. If no one is in range of the shaman and he casts a heal, he will simply heal himself for the same amount. If one other player is in range, that healing is divided by 2, but heals both targets. Let’s say our Shaman heals Tsulong for 6 million. Ascendance heals another 6 million, which is split evenly between the Shaman and Tsulong, so 3 million each. Now, since pets don’t count as targets, but still take the healing, the pets will ALSO take 3 million healing each. Coupled with Ancestal Guidance and Guardian Spirit, you get idiotic healing on Tsulong.

Ancestral Guidance takes 40% of the Shaman’s healing done on targets and heals 3 injured targets within 40 yards. As a hunter, I can summon up to 31 pets at the same time (12 per snake trap (readiness = 2 snake traps), 2 dire beasts also with Readiness, my main pet (+1) and Stampede (+4)). Additionally, I specced every pet Tenacity for 40% increased healing, and obviously used Spirit Bond for another 10% (stacking multiplicatively, yielding a total of 54% increased healing). In the kill above, I didn’t use Dire Beasts, but I had double Snake Trap and Stampede up.

Anyway, using the example before, and for simplicity’s sake, 30 pets without any increased healing taken on them:

Shaman heals Tsulong for 6 million. Tsulong, the Shaman and 30 pets take 3 million healing each. That’s 96 million healing. 40% of that (38.4 million) will jump to 3 other targets; Tsulong and 2 raid members. But wait, Tsulong has Guardian Spirit from a holy priest (which also resulted in a higher initial healing, without it the 6 million heal would be less than 4 million), so the actual healing from one 6 million heal with 30 pets up is 38.4m * 1.6 = 61.44m.

The funny part is, our shaman actually messed up a bit and didn’t get to heal for as much as he could have. I’ve personally seen a log from a russian guild whose Resto Shaman also did quite a lot of healing, but that’s cause he healed several times in the region of ~15-16 million. That would basically have been ~180m in one heal, had they used this strategy with 30 pets

World of Logs for the kill:…?s=2914&e=3085

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