WHU: Hunter Name Generation

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: This is probably coming 2-3 expansions too late, but may still amuse or inform some of you.

So you’re rolling a new toon (I assume it’s a hunter…what else would you want to play?).  You’ve been playing since BC, so you know the pitfalls to avoid.  Nothing derivative of “Legolas” or “Artemis” (I may be somewhat guilty on the latter of these).  Or Katniss, more recently.  Those mistakes are for rookies.

You get to the character creation screen, and give your hunter some bitchin’ earrings and awesome face paint.  You’re almost done.  Now…what to name him/her?

You want something original, but you also want something that has a sense of roleplaying about it.  You’re not about to run around hugging trees and speaking in faux-Shakespearean.  But you want your character to feel like they “fit” in the world.  WoW’s name generator has been failing you for the past 10 minutes, and you’re about ready to name your character IcantThinkofaNamee, with two e’s since IcantThinkofaName is taken already.

May I humbly suggest the following: Our friend Kheldul over at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer has an Elvish Word Generator.  This generator is apparently based loosely on Tolkien’s original Quenya and Sindarin dialects of the elven language. . . . Read full article

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