Wowhead: Isle of Giants Preview – New Hunter Tames

Perculia at The Wowhead Blog: The PTR Patch notes call the Isle of Giants mysterious, but we hopped on the PTR to discover what surprises it held! In addition to the mount and pet quest rewards shared earlier, it’s the home to tamable Direhorns and Zandalari devilsaurs, which can also drop Primal Egg that can contain yet another mount– Reins of the Black Primal Raptor.

Direhorn and Devilsaur Tames

The Isle Of Giants is populated by Direhorns and Devilsaurs, which each have five new skins. Several adult and baby dinosaurs of each color spaws in a specific location, which we’ve marked on the map below–click to enlarge.

To learn how to tame a Direhorn, you’ll need to pick up a Ancient Tome of Dinomancy, obtained from looting any of the humanoid mobs on the Isle Of Giants, which are mostly found in the southeast. This will grant you Ancient Zandalari Knowledge.

So far their only special ability is Reflective Armor Plating and the Hatchlings are slightly smaller than the regular Direhorns.

And yes, a Direhorn stampede is everything you dreamed it would be.

Direhorn Devilsaur

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