Ghostcrawler: Hunter Tier 15 4-Piece Bonus will apply to Aimed Shot

Ghostcrawler is answering questions regarding Class and Set Bonus Issues regarding Patch 5.2 on the official Warcraft forums. This continues our coverage of hunter-related issues in the thread. See Ghostcrawler: PTR Class and Set Bonus Issues for previous hunter-related discussion.

Warrada: “GC, what about the bonus 4T on the Hunter set?”

Any word about how the recent ‘buff’ reducing the cast time on Aimed Shot and making it compete (maybe best than) with Arcane Shot for the ‘spot’ on the rotation, and even then the bonus 4T forces us to keep using Arcane Shot?

Could you please make the bonus work for Aimed Shot (or even Steady Shot) too? […]


Ghostcrawler: “We did so. I must have forgotten to mention it.”



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