5.2: El Catching Sea Monsters

El at El’s Extreme Anglin’: Patch 5.2 adds a Lurker Below-style elite Sea Monster, summoned by fishing a rare pool. It also promotes a certain gnome to the ranks of the Anglers.

A pool called Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus may appear at Sri-La Village in The Jade Forest. What causes the pool to appear is not known. On the test realm, it appears in coastal waters around the village, alongside vast numbers of regular Reef Octopus Swarms – effectively every pool spawning location was active.

The Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus can be fished normally. Although the pool has a larger radius than regular pools, pool fish may only be caught from the central part of the pool. The pool’s contents seem to be the same as Reef Octopus Swarm, except once the pool is emptied, an Engorged Sea Monster appears in the water .

The Engorged Sea Monster is a level 90 elite with 39,294K health: clearly intended to be killed by a party. . . read full article

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