ALT:ernative: Reasons To be Cheerful

The Godmother at ALT:ernative:

Just as a reminder, next Monday, WoW will turn 8 in Europe, just think about how much your life has changed in 8 years, even if you weren’t playing back in Vanilla.


The last few days has been a slog.

Writing every day about something that has become a part of your life can often be hard work. This has a lot to do with the amount of time and effort you are prepared to put into a project over a continued and protracted period of time, and everyone who has that kind of long-term commitment will tell you that sometimes a break is a good thing. Except, in this game, taking a break can be harder than it looks. Maybe it is because of the nature of the Daily Quest, which I’m seeing more and more commentators admit has become a millstone around the neck of players, brokering commitments that can exhaust and demotivate. The Legendary Quest similarly is making people do things that they might have normally overlooked or ignored on a repetitive basis, and I’m seeing similar sentiments. Has this game stopped being enjoyable and started being a job?

I have a couple of friends who read here who returned to the game after pretty much missing Cataclysm altogether: a couple of nights ago I informed one of them that both Scholo and Scarlet Monestary had completely changed, a fact which they met with a measure of sadness, and it occurred to me that as much as it matters where you are in relation to things, it is more about what matters most to you. We return to the land of the subjective experience, where the game continues to appeal to the broadest of churches, simply because the vast majority of individuals taking part here DON’T play on a daily basis to begin with. Those of us who blog or write over a protracted period really do see the game with a vastly different set of eyes to those people who’s idea of gaming is a couple of hours a few times a week. It is easy to forget that, and that will have a significant effect on the things we say.

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