Petopia Forum Highlights 2/08/13

Every other Friday, Kalliope features the highlights of the Petopia forum discussions from those two weeks, ranging from new pet discoveries to theorycrafting to stunning transmog sets, also providing links to the full threads.

Baby Raptors no longer tameable (2/5/13)

Qraljar reported that the tiny red raptors using the Lashtail Hatchling skin had been unflagged as tameable.

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Patch 5.2 Models (2/7/13)

Wain updated Petopia with new graphics for the two dire horns and one devilsaur that changed colors.

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Where the Wild Things Are in Patch 5.2 (2/08/13)

Kalliope released videos on the fierce anklebiters (and a followup video when they lost their tameable flag) and slateshell wanderers and slateshell ancients, as well as giving a look at the saurok disguise on the Isle of Thunder that also disguises petsQuivering confirmed that clawed tracks are still going backwards.

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Tiny Wasps (1/26/13)

Azunara kicked off a discussion about wasps that stay tiny when tamed.

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Featured Transmogrification of the Week (2/8/13)

This week’s featured transmogrification was created by Grix.

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A full index of all Petopia Forum posts recapped at the Wow Hunter’s Hall is maintained in the Index of Petopia Forum Posts.

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