Durendil: Hunter Soloing Gate of the Setting Sun heroic

Durendil has posted videos and strategies for hunter soloing the bosses in heroic Gate of the Setting Sun:

Saboteur Kip’tilac

Durendil: Half dps race, half survival fight. The main problem of the fight is: she will cast sabotage on you, which will do 150 K damage, and explosions on the ground will do 100K damage.
The first must be outhealed by potions/bandages/spirit beast.

To avoid the explosions, be careful not to detonate near a bomb. However, she will detonate all bombs at 70% and 35% health. So to avoid being overwhelmed, I detonated other bombs with my sabotages and quickly moved out of the way. Be quick on your feet for this fight.

video: Durendil vs Saboteur Kip’tilac Heroic

Striker Ga’dok

Durendil: Here again, be quick on your feet to avoid aoes. Heal yourself through his prey times, and focus adds when they spawn.
Also, remember to top off your pet. He can take a lot of damage very quickly with impaling strike + boss + adds.

video: Durendil vs Striker Ga’dok Heroic

Commander Ri’mok

Durendil: Very very easy. Just misdirect adds to pet, and he dies. All you need is the dps to kill him before he spawns too many big adds. But if you’ve killed Kip’tilac, he’ll die on the first pull.
Oh, and don’t stand in the aoes.

video: Durendil vs Commander Ri’mok Heroic


Durendil: Phase 2 of this boss is very easy, so you’ll want to blow your cds on the weak spot. When you reach phase 2, killing all adds will allow you to avoid having to heal your pet (or a spirit beast could self-heal itself). The rest is just kiting and avoiding tornadoes and tar.

video: Durendil vs Raigonn Heroic

For more information on hunter soloing the bosses of MoP see Hunter Soloing Guides: Mists of Pandaria.

Visit Durendil’s YouTube channel at DurendilLeHunt.

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