The Grumpy Elf: The ROI of The LFR

Grumpy Elf

The Grumpy Elf: For those that have never seen the acronym ROI it means Return On Investment.  More a financial term but just as fitting for in game.  You invest time to do things and expect something in return from it.  Be it doing a quest and being rewarded with an item and gold or valor and some lesser coins.  You invest time, you get something in return.

I think the current issue with the LFR is not so much a difficulty issue for many people, not directly at least, it is an ROI issue.  Even more so for people that use it as their primary source of raiding.  The ROI for the LFR is negative.  When you are done with it you are felt as if you just wasted your time, even when it was a good run.

Why would someone continue to invest in a stock that continues to go down when they can invest in another stock, even if it isn’t making money, and not lose?  Or even better still, invest in a stock that goes up.  Why do anything that has a negative ROI?

The perfect example, and only one currently in game that I can think of as good ROI design, is from a holiday event, oddly enough the one that is going on now.  The noblegarden event is actually as close to perfect as you can get in a game like this, ROI wise that is. . . . read full article

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